Debt Consolidation Plan

Simply consolidate all your outstanding credit card, line of credit and/or personal loan balances^ across all financial institutions to HL Bank Debt Consolidation Plan at an affordable instalment plan ranging from 1 year to 10 years. With the savings on the interest rate and lower monthly repayments you can clear your debts faster and achieve a debt-free life sooner.

Features & Benefits

  • Interest rates from as low as 3.5% p.a. (EIR:6.63% p.a.)+
  • Convenience of making repayments to a single bank
  • Stretch your payments by up to 10 years
  • Reduce your total monthly payments substantially# and clear your debt faster
  • Receive a revolving credit facility with a limit of your monthly income as your survival credit**

An illustration of how it works


  • Singapore citizen or a permanent resident
  • Aged between 25 years old and 65 years old
  • Earning between S$30,000 and below S$120,000 per annum with net personal assets of less than S$2 million
  • Having a total interest-bearing unsecured debt on all credit cards and unsecured credit facilities with financial institutions in Singapore that exceeds 12 times your monthly income

How to Apply?

  1. Apply Online or
  2. Approach one of our relationship managers at our branch to assist you
    - Our branch location:
    7 Wallich Street
    #B1-25 and #B1-26 Tanjong Pagar Centre
    Singapore 078884
  3. Documents to Submit

    1. View Mandatory Documents

    Important Information

    1. Terms and Conditions Governing Debt Consolidation Facility (which shall include the Additional Terms and Conditions)
    2. Terms and Conditions Governing Revolving Credit Facility (Line of Credit)
    3. Frequently Asked Questions


    Before you submit an application for the DCP, you should explore all potential options that are available to you. This may help you manage your outstanding debts effectively.
    ^ All unsecured balances except for renovation loan, education loan, medical loan, and staff benefit loans.
    +The interest rate for the Debt Consolidation Plan (“DCP”) with HL Bank will be determined based on applicant’s risk profile and such rate(s) will be indicated in the approval letter which may differ from the published rate.
    **Upon approval of the application all the outstanding unsecured balances with other financial institutions will be consolidated by HL Bank and the credit facilities will be automatically be cancelled by these other financial institutions. A revolving credit facility with a limit equal to the applicant’s monthly income will be offered by HL Bank for daily expenses along with this DCP Plan.
    #The above illustration is for first time application for the DCP with HL Bank. The DCP amount is based on an assumption of applicant having a total unsecured outstanding amount of S$100,000 across 5 different financial institutions and this outstanding amount of S$100,000 is consolidated to a DCP with HL Bank plus a buffer of 5% allowance at interest rate of 3.5%p.a.,[Effective interest rate: 6.63%p.a.],loan tenure of 10 years;a one-time processing fee of 1.5% on the approved DCP loan amount or S$300, whichever amount is higher apply and it will be debited from the Debt Consolidation Loan Account upon the disbursement of the loan amount.
    This is only an extract and full terms and conditions apply.